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Precision Agriculture (PA) is a new method of agricultural practice that uses clearly defined information about space and time in order to maximize input efficiency and minimize its environmental impact.
PA is based on technologies and instruments capable of accurately recording the current situation on the field, then managing the information and data gathered, and finally implementing the inputs to meet the needs of each point and time individually.
These technologies include:
Data capture systems and mechanisms, such as performance maps, laboratory analyzes, remote sensing, positioning systems and sensors
Performance management and performance systems, such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Experienced Systems
Systems of varying application (flow or species), such as fertilizer spreaders, seeders, sprayers, etc.

Advantages of the use

globe Natural resources saving

water Reduction of requirements in water, fertilizers, pesticides and energy

ecology Reduction of environmental footprint and pollution from agriculture

foodquality Improvement of the organoleptic and nutritional quality of products

farm Improvement of the implementation of integrated crop management


AGRENIO is a smart application for rational water use, fertilization and weather broadcast in the agriculture.
It addresses to: farmers, producers groups, cooperatives, agri-food companies and agricultural consultants.

User Registration, Login & Disconnect

Field management: registration, processing, deletion, monitoring by a local meteorological station.

Receive an e-mail or message when there is a red indication for the field (Emergency)

services phone

Create and edit an annual crop record.
Managing many crops together

View local weather as well as forecast this

View cultivation advice about the amount and time the farmer must intervene in the field



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